Leadership with Common Sense and Integrity


We are fortunate to live and work in a picturesque setting.  As your Trustee, I'll work to enhance what we currently enjoy. 

Home owners and residents want and expect value for their recreation, water/sewer, and trash fees.  I will work to reduce the waste of time and money on things you don't value and work to enhance what you care about most.  To accomplish this, we need complete financial transparency.  After all, they are our dollars and we should know how and where the money is being spent.

Currently, a significant amount of time and money are being spent on things not identified as priorities to our community.  I will fight for what the community wants and values.  This begins with financial accountability and focus.

Here are my objectives:

  • Open and honest Communication

    • Reinstate public comments for each agenda item at Board meetings

    • Respond to public comments, questions, and correspondence

    • Encourage community involvement

  • Financial Accountability

    • Investigate how public property was sold without Board or public knowledge and fix the problem

    • Clear comprehensive budgets and financial reporting

    • Prioritize spending with community objectives

  • Protect our Beaches

    • Analyze beach overcrowding and implement solutions

  • Rebuild Trust

Vote Sara Schmitz AND Tim Callicrate for Incline Village GID Board Trustee!

You may have noticed the joint campaign yard signs around IV/CB. You may wonder why we did this. It's to clarify that in order to have a change in the operation of the Board, Tim and I BOTH need to be elected. The choice is clear this election. If you want a Board that focuses upon our citizen's priorities, fiscal responsibility and accountability, open communication, and effective leadership, BOTH Tim and I need your vote. There are many issues that need to be addressed and it requires a change of the Board to confront them openly and transparently. Please spread the word!



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