My presentation at the IV/CB Republican Women Candidate Forum

My husband and I decided to retire here in IV/CB because of all the amazing recreational facilities and the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe.  Upon my arrival, I began attending IVGID Board meetings to learn more about our community.  What I observed was, and still is, a dysfunctional Board.  A Board that has eliminated its fiduciary oversight and has demonstrated a lack of community focused leadership.

Having a successful business background with project management experience, I feel my skills will focus the Board on the priorities of our residents.  You may wonder how this will be accomplished. First, it requires Tim and me to BOTH be elected.  If only one of us is elected, nothing will change…dysfunction will prevail.  If Kendra and Bruce are elected together, they will have the (4) votes needed to purchase the Parasol Building and take on up to a $10M bond without a vote of our residents.  This highlights the importance of this election and why “TRUEBLUEFACTS” has come forward to spread misinformation, hostility and fear.  It’s a concerted effort to undermine both Tim and me in order to promote the election of Kendra and Bruce so the Board majority can continue to ignore the voices of our community and accelerate their free spending ways.

Now that we have this out in the open, what Tim and I believe is needed is to begin with a comprehensive audit because our Board and Audit Committee haven’t been overseeing the details of the District’s financials. We have financial accounts being withheld from public view.  This cloak of secrecy needs to be lifted so our community has ALL of its financial information revealed.  With this, we can begin the clear prioritization of spending on things like a dedicated dog park and upgrades to our existing facilities and our vital infrastructure instead of spending $2.3M on a very nice equipment storage building or a new administration building.  

Our community has been complaining about beach overcrowding with nothing being done.  There are too many easy ways to obtain beach access and we need to begin a process of restricting access so our residents, the ones paying the Rec and Beach fees, can enjoy THEIR beaches.  We’ve had a temporary dog park for far too long. Kids playing soccer and Lacrosse shouldn’t be playing in the “dog park” grass. Enough talking, we need FOCUS…. not on a new administration building or equipment building or coasters at Diamond Peak.  We need to FOCUS on what residents’ value and support.  Everyone in our community should know what the Top 5 priorities are and hold the Board and Staff accountable for delivering on them.

I attended the Capital Improvement Project meeting a few weeks ago.  Instead of reviewing last year’s projects and discussing the coming year initiatives, Mr. Pinkerton and Mr. Eick talked about process.  In other words, we learned nothing about what was completed last year or anything about what will be completed this year.  As a former Project Manager, this meeting missed its mark.  The only way to discover what projects are completed is by reviewing year end financials to see where the money was spent.  Mr. Pinkerton moves budget dollars around and uses his “discretionary spending”, so it appears even the Board doesn’t clearly know where OUR money is actually being spent.

So what do Tim and I promise?

1.      We will put our community first by prioritizing projects and spending based on community input and we will stop Mr. Pinkerton’s unreported discretionary spending and hold him accountable to the Board approved budget.

a.      We say no to purchasing the Parasol Building

b.      And No to zip lines and coasters at Diamond Peak

2.      We will lift the veil of secrecy concealing our District’s finances and public records.

3.      We will address beach and facility overcrowding.

4.      We will implement an open dialog between the Board and members of our community.

By fulfilling these four simple objectives, we will rebuild trust and our community, Board and staff will share a common vision.

Don’t be fooled by TrueBlueFacts that AREN’T, please vote for Tim and me to have YOUR voice heard.