The Names Behind TrueBlueFacts

TrueBlueFacts officers: Gene Brockman (endorsed Kendra Wong and Bruce Simonian), Jim Clark, Jim Croley, Ed Gurowitz, John Iannucci, Chuck Otto, Steve Pulver, Kaye Shackford, Joe Shackford, Joe Wolfe (endorsed Kendra Wong and Bruce Simonian)

TrueBlueFact Donors to Wong and Simonian (public info from SOS website)

Kendra Bruce

Jim Clark $500 $500

John Iannuacci $1,000

Steve Pulver $200

 Joe Shackford $500

Kaye Shackford $500

Joe Wolfe $1,000 $1,000

Yet another TrueBlueFacts post is incorrect.  I provided factual content to the author and requested they not post their incorrect article about me and instead help to bring our community together with accurate information.  I suggested they speak with Tim and me directly to get correct information before posting articles to divide the community.