Why am I still Tim's campaign partner?

After the recent candidate forum a few residents have reached out with follow-up questions, which I welcome.  One question that’s been asked a few times is why I partnered with Trustee Tim Callicrate.  In order to have a positive change in the operation of the Board, Tim and I BOTH need to be elected. At present, Tim is consistently in the voting minority and unable to implement his campaign promises.  To have a Board that focuses upon our citizen's priorities, fiscal responsibility and accountability, open communication, and effective leadership, BOTH Tim and I need your vote. There are many issues that need to be addressed and it requires a change of the Board to confront them openly and transparently.

As I stated at the forum, I give people the benefit of the doubt.  I met Tim two years ago and interacted with him regarding Board issues.  I never had an issue with his conduct or behavior.  Tim made himself available and listened.  He DID attempt to bring forth some of my ideas and concerns only to be shut out by the current Board majority.  

My objective is to have a functioning Board that welcomes and demonstrates an openness to community input and ideas.  In order to reshape the Board majority to instill openness and a community focus, we need Tim to be re-elected. Together we will collaborate with all Trustees to bring about the needed change for the betterment of IV/CB.  

Understand that TrueBlueFacts, whose members are supporting Kendra Wong and Bruce Simonian, have spread incorrect and hurtful information about me.  I provided them with corrections, but they have ignored it on multiple occasions.  Therefore, if they are spreading lies about me, why would they be doing anything different with Tim?  For example, Tim told me the date and county of his DUI is incorrect.  This occurred around the time his mother passed away and he went through a rough time.  This was before he was elected to the Board four years ago.  He has recently been appointed to a committee with TRPA by our County Commissioner.  I think this too is a testament to his civic mindedness as seen by our Commissioner.

As it relates to Tim's FaceBook posts, things have been twisted….like TrueBlueFacts (TBF) twisted things about me. What I have been told is that TBF cropped and pasted things to appear offensive.  Tim stated at the forum that while some of the posts were his (and he regrets them), others were not.  Still other posts were taken out of context.  The example he showed me was the image with the KKK.  TBF’s ad showed the picture, but according to Tim his comment was admonishing the KKK’s behavior, not supporting it.  If I witnessed any offensive behavior, I would condemn it immediately.

What I am seeing is TBF misrepresenting, manipulating, and making emotional statements that are not truthful or accurate.  I find it offensive and wrong.  Why are they doing this?  Why aren't they talking about their candidates and what they will bring to the table should they be elected?  Tim and I have been open and forthright with our positions.  Our goal was to have the community informed so that the voters can make well informed choices at the polls.  Character assassination does nothing positive for our community.  It definitely isn't a way to bring people together for a common cause.  

I will not mud sling back.  I have given up trying to correct TrueBlueFacts.  They have demonstrated they aren’t interested in the truth. I stand firm with my honesty and integrity.

I am committed to my stated objectives, purpose and my goals.  To accomplish them, we need Tim and others willing to support a positive change.  If only one of us is elected, the Board dysfunction will continue.  I want to bring the community, staff and Board together with a common vision.

If you have any questions, I suggest you call me to discuss.  While I try my best at the keyboard, I am NOT a writer.

Sara Schmitz (925) 858-4384