Community Action Committee IDEA

Thank you for your encouragement and support. It's meant a great deal to me over the past months. I learned so much from all of you. In reflecting upon what I’ve learned, I am inviting you to join me to take action. Please email me if you are interested in forming a Community Action Committee. With strong community involvement, we can make a difference.

There are a few issues you’ve identified as priorities. If we consolidate our efforts, we can accomplish a great deal. We can collaborate with our state representatives to draft and pass legislation requiring GID’s, such as ours, to have a comprehensive audit. We can formulate a recommendation to the Washoe County Board of Commissioners related to short term rentals. They're meeting on this subject sometime after the New Year. We can construct recommendations to the IVGID Board on changes to Ordinance 7 (and the new IVGID Code), specifically as it relates to beach access. Whether it be these issues or others, please let me know if you’d like to join in so we can begin taking action to make our community better.

Together we CAN make a difference! Email me at