May 18th Status Report

Next week's Board meeting has a large, important agenda.  Missing from the agenda and requested by Chairwoman Wong as a General Business item, is the matter of public correspondence being excluded from the publically available Board packets. Instead this item is addressed as a verbal status report by Mr. Guinasso.  Once again, Staff is not taking direction from the Board and this is being accepted by Chairwoman Wong.

Also, on the agenda is the fiscal year 2018-2019 operating and capital improvement project budgets, the collection of the recreation and beach facility fees, and Central Services Cost Allocation.  Other agenda items include the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) for Red, White and Tahoe Blue, and the approval of $3.7M for the culvert project.  No contract is provided for Board or public review.  The Board is being asked, once again, to relinquish contract review to Mr. Guinasso and Staff. Counsel Guinasso has no construction contract legal experience.  This is close to a $4m contract, wouldn't review by an expert be prudent?  In addition, the Board is being asked to authorize Staff to execute all change orders related to the contract. This approach could allow Staff to exceed budget without Board approval.  The Board is also being asked to authorize Staff to expand the scope of work and expend an additional $160K for design and construction inspection services without the opportunity to review the scope of work or the contract.  Why is Staff asking the Board to relinquish financial and contract review? With this approach, how will the Board exercise oversight?  What purpose is the Board fulfilling? 

This is another Board packet whereby staff has excluded public correspondence received by the District.  This contradicts the Board's direction. I will be reviewing the Board packet in detail before the meeting on Wednesday.  You too, can view the Board Packet.

At the May 9th Board meeting, no contracts or scopes of work were provided for the 3 agenda items whereby the Board approved over $700K of spending.  I have requested these contracts and scopes of work which I am currently reviewing. 

I will keep you informed