Highlights from the Board meeting

Our Village Voice (Facebook) did an excellent job of highlighting the meeting.  I am sharing their post.


Wednesday, June 13th IVGID BOARD MEETING Brought Some Good and Some Bad News

First, the Good News:

1. The 2017/2018 Community Services Special Revenue Fund budget was amended to reflect $850,000 of additional revenues from Diamond Peak with related expenses of $370,000. The beginning fund balance at July 1, 2017 was also increased by $484,338 due to some extra cash lying around that was not included in the original budget. Budgets every year are done about six weeks in advan...ce of the end of a fiscal year so estimates can be off. Long story short, we apparently have an extra $964,000 of additional funds over and above the budget. *Keep in mind this improvement relates only to the Operations of the recreational venues. It does not reflect any variances which might exist in the budgeted amounts and expenditures for Capital Projects. We will not get that information until sometime in August. Mother Nature has been good to us the past three years providing ample snow to make Diamond Peak successful.

2. A genuinely streamlined meeting – under two hours!

Now, the Bad News:

1. Red White and Tahoe Blue (“RWTB”) Fourth of July events have been drastically cut back. There will be no Parade, and no activities on the fields at Aspen Grove. The Lion's Club breakfast, the Rotary Club duck races and the Beer and Brats will still go forward (added by Sara Schmitz... WINE AND CHEESE AT ASPEN GROVE ON JULY 2 IS ALSO STILL ON!!!. First time a Locals' Discount ($10 off) is being offered.). Fireworks are still on hold due to Washoe County’s concerns with unresolved safety and traffic issues. On June 26th, RWTB is scheduled to appeal the County’s current refusal to provide a Fireworks Permit. We will all have to stay tuned until then.

2) The New and Improved Incline Park Ball Fields next to the Middle School will be delayed for another year. According to Brad Johnson, there were no bids received from contractors for the $1,200,000 project. IVGID will seek bids this fall for an early start of construction in May, 2019 (providing they receive an acceptable bid).

3) Although the Holman Family Bike Park’s Beginners Pump Track is complete, construction of the Advanced Pump Track is delayed until donated funding can be secured.

4) US Forest Service funding of approximately $300,000 for water system improvements to increase firefighting water flows has been cut back and will not be available this fiscal year. It is unknown what IVGID intends to do to continue the program.