June 1st Status Report

Kendra Wong's re-election ad in today's Tahoe Tribune, states she spearheaded legal action against Flashvote. So she gave the GM approval to spend $50K of public funds on this lawsuit without Board approval? This lawsuit first appeared before the Board when asking for an additional $25K of funding.  Chairwoman Wong was in the minority and voted to authorize the additional $25K. The Board approved settlement included updating Board Policy requiring the GM be granted Board approval before entering a lawsuit and donating $10K to "We The People" (totaling ~60$K of public funds).  The settlement did not grant IVGID possession of the personal user information citizens provided to Flashvote. This was the information IVGID sued for and was not entitled to receive. I understood this was a misjudgment by the GM.  Looks like it was spearheaded by Chairwoman Wong.

I am continuing to review the budget.  I had a meeting scheduled for today to review my questions with Mr. Eick, however he was called away.  I will highlight a few questions. 

  1. What is the driver and justification for adding 10.7 FTE's this budget year?  From July 2017 through budget year ending June 2019, the FTE is increasing by 17.3 (Over 2 budget years). What is driving this almost 7% increasing in staffing?
  2. Where is the complete Capital Improvement Project budget?  It appears it is broken into sections instead of one prioritized list.
  3. When discussing the privileges of parcel owners (page 46 of last weeks board packet), it states each parcel paying fees can have up to 5 cards. If doesn't mention the ability to request "extended family" cards valid for 1 year for $166. It also states revenue is recognized when punch cards are used, however charges to users are classified as revenue upon receipt of the Facility Fee payment with our taxes. I would like to understand this better.