June 8th Status Report

While early voting is convenient, the situation at Raley's was less than ideal.  There was a lack of privacy. After 12 days, the Registrar of Voters decided it was best not to have Trustee Horan as a poll worker. While it is legal to have an elected official as a poll worker, the Registrar of Voters indicated Trustee Horan will not be working the polls for the primary and general election. The lack of privacy at Raley's has been an issue I am hopeful will be corrected. 

Last year some of the reasons for the Parasol building purchase were concerns expressed by the GM about radon and ADA issues at the Southwood administration building. Since Chairwoman Wong's largest donors are associated with the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation, I am concerned the Parasol building issue may resurface. Therefore, I requested all inspection reports and the radon report be provided for review.  I was told no inspection reports exist, and that the ADA audit and the radon report are privileged and therefore not viewable by the public. I was provided the newly created IVGID Privilege Log.  To my surprise, not only are these reports listed, but financial accounts are also identified as privileged and not for public view.  This to me seems inappropriate since this is a public entity.  If any of you are attorneys, I'd love your input. Click to view the IVGID Privilege Log.

As I mentioned last week, upon my arrival to meet with Mr. Eick to obtain answers to my questions related to the budget, he was unable to meet with me.  I have yet to hear from him so my questions remain.