Ears to the ground --- SO UNTRUE

I've heard amazingly false tales and thought I'd share.  Maybe you've heard them too.  I'll share talking points so you can help put the craziness to rest.

  • "I'm a puppet of Aaron Katz".  I've never met nor spoken to him.  I am an independent thinker and researcher.  I will serve this wonderful community with honesty and integrity.
  • "I want to make the beaches public".  To the contrary, I think we have an issue with beach overcrowding.  I would like to work with our community to design a solution that enhances our property values and our quality of life.
  • "I plan to 'privatize' the venues". I would like to see us leverage our local businesses rather than duplicate their services.  This builds a strong thriving community.  An example is the food and beverage service at our beaches.  After Brimm's decision not to renew their contract, the GM decided to build a staff rather than solicit bids from other local vendors.  Other local businesses have shown an interest in providing these services and would have welcomed the opportunity to submit a bid. This is not privatization.
  • "I plan to reduce services and cut staff".  My husband and I decided to move to Incline Village/Crystal Bay BECAUSE of the many recreational opportunities. Maybe I'll finally take up golf!

Most of this is trying to create fear.  Don't let your friends fall for it.  If in doubt, call me at (925) 858-4384 or email me at Sara@Sara4IVGID.com.