New Facts or Non-Facts?

The Tahoe Daily Tribune published my article on July 5 correcting Jim Clark’s “Incline Village History Lesson” (published June 15).  I was required to provide all references supporting my factual corrections to his article.  I have observed, over the past two weeks, articles whereby once again the facts are not correct.  Mr. Simonian and Mr. Otto’s articles were stating facts yet, based on my reading and research, they are not.  I have called the Publisher of the paper asking for the references for these two articles.  Either there are new found facts which I will be happy to read or they are propagating misinformation.  Our community deserves accurate information.  Misinformation works to divide us as citizens while diverting attention from the important issues.  I look forward to hearing back from the Publisher on this issue.  UPDATE:  They printed a retraction on Mr. Otto's article and allowed a resident to correct Mr. Simonian's article.  We need correct information so voters can make educated decisions in November.