Highlights From the IVGID Board Meeting

DRAFT Community Services Master Plan: It identified the following as high priority for our community:

  • Dedicated Dog Park
  • Dedicated Rectangle Fields
  • Walking Paths/Loops/Natural Surface Trails
  • Warm Water Pool
  • Youth & Adult Wellness/Fitness
  • 55+ Programs
  • Improve/Maintain Existing Facilities

I will highlight the plan, but for our review here is the link to the draft plan delivered to the Board.  There is an interactive community meeting scheduled for August 6th at 5:30 pm at the Chateau.  Please attend and provide your feedback. 

On page 91 of the DRAFT Community Services Master Plan, the costs are identified by options ranging from $7.7M-$16.6M* for the dog park, rectangular fields, and enhancements to Village Green and Incline Park. The enhancements at Village Green and Incline Park include 3-4 bocce courts, additional skate park features added amenities and shade, bump track bike park pavilion with additional seating and potential restroom, group pavilion, additional parking, picnic sites, event pavilion, adventure playground, family picnic area and sloped lawn for grass amphitheater seating.

The Recreation Center is planned to be reconfigured and expanded to include administration offices, multi-use meeting rooms, gymnasium & fitness/wellness/therapy rooms, warm water pool with slide and other features for an estimated $19.6M*.  There is an additional $2.250M* for the sprung structure/field house.

This totals to $29.55-$38.45M* of proposed capital improvement projects for Community Services.  This doesn't identify staffing increases or recurring costs for maintenance after completion. 

The plan also recommends the implementation of the Diamond Peak Master Plan ($17M).

COMMENTARY: The District also has plans for improvements to our beach facilities and upgrades to golf facilities.  How much spending can we afford?  What are our priorities?  We continue to build elaborate plans but don't seem to set a priority and execute.  How will all of this, should it be approved, impact our Recreation Fees?

Public Correspondence: Although the Board made no policy change, the correspondence continue to be excluded from the Board packets.  The agenda item containing significant changes to the distribution of public correspondence to the Trustees and the public was removed from the agenda.

Approval of Indebtedness Report: The materials/report was not included in the Board packet for Trustees and public review, but was made available to the Trustees the day of the meeting.  Although the public had no opportunity to review and the Trustees had very limited time, the report was approved.

*Excluding development costs or soft costs such as A/E fees, sewer and tap fees, FFE, contingency, testing, etc.