Local "Fake News" (The Rumor Mill)

What people won’t dream up! Is it fear? What motivates people to just make “stuff” up? Here is what I’ve heard:

  1. Tim Callicrate, Matthew Dent and myself would overturn the decision related to the Katz case. The role of a Trustee is to listen and make decisions based on input from the community at large. The community has spoken clearly and the decision was made unanimously to pursue recouping legal fees. There is no plan to change directions. The community and the Board have spoken.

  2. Tim Callicrate and I have a plan for making the beaches public. To the contrary, Tim and I both have heard from many in our community that changes are needed to limit beach access so that residents are able to enjoy the beaches.

  3. Tim and I intend to fire staff and outsource the venues. We have heard NO ONE in our community express an interest in taking such action. This is a harmful rumor because it impacts the staff who serve our community.

PLEASE if you hear rumors, please share so we can have open dialog about the issues.