Our response to anonymous assault ads and malicious emails

It is unfortunate a citizen in our wonderful community is attacking our candidacy with anonymous assault ads and malicious emails. To me, these are cowardly acts of a bully hiding his or her identity while spreading vicious gossip and rumor.  Although I have my thoughts about the author, I will make no public statement.    

Tim and I are running a campaign founded on facts, constructive objectives and the highest ethical standards.  We have no intention of changing the Board’s direction on the Katz litigation, nor do we want to make our private beaches public.  We will not outsource our recreational venues. We value all employees and the outstanding service they provide to our community.

As your Trustees, we will implement fiscal responsibility and accountability, transparency, and open communication. We will listen to all points of view and represent the best interests of all citizens to the best of our abilities.

Please know Tim and I are available to meet with you or chat by phone.  We care deeply about your concerns and will go the distance in finding answers and solutions.  We believe IVGID can better serve our residents with a Board that will always put our community first.  

With your support, we can and will make IVGID better together.

Sara Schmitz (925) 858-4384 sara@sara4IVGID.com

Tim Callicrate (775) 336-9925 tim2tahoe@msn.com