Incline Village Realtors - Endorsed Tim Callicrate and me on September 13th, 2018

Tim Callicrate, Incline Village GID Trustee

"Sara has been involved with our community since moving here a few years back.  Her commitment to civic involvement has been proven through her regular attendance at IVGID meetings and workshops, her in-depth review of District agendas, contracts, and correspondence, and her willingness to doggedly seek the truth in all things financial.  She will make an invaluable addition to the Board." 

Joe Campbell, Retired Former President of the Contra Costa Water District

“I served 24+ years as an elected office holder of Contra Costa Water District in California where my peers appointed me as their board President for 22 years. I represented 500,000 people, elected 4 of my 6 terms without opposition. I know how to facilitate a community meeting which included allowing any person (citizen or not) to speak on any agenda items as citizens are truly partners of the District. The 5 directors were seated together and staff was seated separately whereas the public clearly knew who the policy makers were and who the professional staff were; never did I allow the District Secretary to call for any vote. "Fed up" with the California Legislator I bought my 1st home in Incline Village in 1997, eventually moving to Incline permanently when my final term expired. I know leadership when I see leadership, and I am proud to endorse both Tim and Sara as Trustees to IVGID.“

Steve Dolan, Resident of Incline Village

"As an enthusiastic environmental advocate, I was impressed and appreciative of Sara's quick response and the qualifying interview she subjected me to, before she rapidly took action for our beloved Lake Tahoe. Her intelligent questions and honest evaluation made me confident in her as a candidate which I can count on for a neutral assessment and forthright community representation."

Matthew Dent, Incline Village GID Trustee

"Sara regularly attends IVGID meetings and provides positive and constructive feedback on where and how the Board can improve. She has a keen understanding of the financials and believes IVGID has a long way to go when it comes to being transparent. I would welcome her leadership to our Board and believe she will create a tremendous amount of value for the Incline Village/Crystal Bay community."

Incline Village/Crystal Bay Resident Endorsements

MB Abdo, Carolyn and Mark Alexander, Michael Briggs, Linda Brinkley, Steven Chilinski MD, Kathi and John Congistre, Jack Dalton, Carol and George Del Carlo, Francis Carrington, Ellie and Cliff Dobler, Larry Domino, Ben Dosseff, Al Duffield, Helen and Eric Durfee, Jane and Ken Eberle, Cathy Ebert, Jane Ellerbeck, Kristen and Bill Ferrall, Pam Fernandez, Alec Flores, Wayne Ford, Jim Glazier, Ina Haupt, Shannon and Mike Hess, Greg Hoff, Jeff Homola, Jack and Mary Hubbard, Doug Huestis, Incline Village Sales Company, Barbara Klencke, Yolanda Knaak, Gail and John Krolick (former Trustee and 2017 Incline Village Realtors President), Karen and David LaBarge, Jim Lahey, Sara and Leonard Lafrance, Bob Lyons, Julie Mallozzi, Donald Mason, Rich Mehl, Richard Monnier, Kathleen and Steve Moore, Jim Mullaney, Linda and Mark Newman, Omer Rains, Ron Randolph-Wall, Tony Robinson (former candidate for Trustee), Joan Seet, Pam Sheldon, Julia Simens, Linda L. Smith, Jim Smith (former Trustee), Trevor Smith, Sandy Soli, Mike Sullivan, Carolyn Stark, Millie Szerman, Pam Wight (former Trustee)

Vance Smith, Vice President, J. Rockcliff Realtors

"As Sara's former neighbor and manager, I've witnessed her dedication to those around her. She acts with integrity in everything she does. The residents of Incline Village/Crystal Bay would be well represented with Sara as their Trustee."

Catharine Baker, Assemblywoman California 16th Assembly District

"Sara is an energetic, thoughtful leader, and a community advocate. She was actively involved with my campaign, reaching out and bringing people together on important issues. She would be a strong leader working for what is right in her community."

Candace Andersen, Contra Costa County District Supervisor

“I had the privilege of working with Sara when she lived in Danville.  She is a woman of principal and integrity, a strong leader who doesn’t hesitate to stand up for what is right.  She earned the respect of myself and other local leaders as she advocated for fiscal responsibility and good government in our community.  The people of Incline Village are fortunate to have her offering to serve there."

Linda King, Former President SRVRWF

"It is with pleasure that I endorse Sara Schmitz for Incline Village GID Board of Trustees. In working with her on the Board of Directors I know Sara to be a dedicated hardworking conservative woman that would be an asset to her community."

Charlotte Mills, Former Membership and Events Chair - Danville Area Chamber of Commerce

"Sara joined the Danville Area Chamber and from that moment on she did everything she could to advance membership.  Sara was a top Ambassador and took the lead in all types of events and with the Board of Directors."